Promo tools

Push notifications is a popular marketing tool used to inform users through pop-up messages. Promos are only displayed to users who have authorized notifications from your site and are shown even if the browser is closed. Automated push notifications are one of the most effective promotional tools for increasing earnings.
Integrate this into your site and show which models are online at BongaCams.
Build your banner using BongaCams online models
Get the attention your ads deserve with our animated banners available in various sizes and offering geo targeting.
Our instant message ads are great for your website footer ad zone.
These top converting text ads have proven to get you clicks.
When a user clicks a link on your site, BongaCams popup will appear in the background.
BongaCams mobile popunder is a perfect promo tool to convert your mobile traffic.
Integrate a live chat room directly into your web page.
Use direct links to link to BongaCams if you have your own banners or other promos.
Use this widget to set up a category list on your site.
White Label by BongaCash allows you to run a webcam site on your own domain! Your logo, customisable color scheme, and banner spots that you can fill with your own banners for additional earnings!
Banner for footer.
Use a short in-stream video ad (up to 20 seconds) that would play automatically before the main video – and get guaranteed views for your video ad leading to high ctr!
One of the most effective promotional tools to date! Postitial appears in between two pages of main content ensuring high CTR. You can choose from different design options, use adaptive, mobile, and desktop layouts. Auto-close timer available.
Chat Head is a unique promo tool that imitates messages from the Messenger app. When clicking on the icon, a window with model's live stream pops up. The tool can be adapted to any type of device and exists in two versions.
Place animated sticky banners with models on your website! Choose the most suitable size and design of the promo, as well as its placement on the web page. The banner adapts to all types of devices and is displayed to users even when the page is scrolled.
Video Slider is an efficient video ads format which runs the ads in the bottom right corner immediately after the web page is loaded, attracting enhanced users’ attention. The promos are adapted to desktop and mobile versions, and promotional videos in FULL HD+ format provide guaranteed views and high eCRM score!
Out-Stream is a popular video ad format which places the video clip in a specific position on a web page. When the video hits more than 50% of the viewing area, the clip is automatically played in silent mode. If desired, the user can turn the sound on with a single click on the page or scroll, in which case the video will be temporarily paused.
VAST banners are displayed by the video player while the video is playing, practically not covering the main content and at the same time drawing increased attention to your ads. Various kinds of design options are available, as well as adaptive, mobile and desktop versions.
Banners for the referral program.
Referral banners for attracting new models and studios.